June’s Forced Update

by Anthony (atoldiago)

“The Forced Agenda” – Pretty sure that sounds horrible, but I’ll go with it.


This group has gone through a lot of changes. Some for the better, a lot for the worse. Still, I’ve been trying to get this group off the ground since 2009, and simply ditching it doesn’t feel right. So here’s the deal: I’m going to begin adding articles here on a random basis. There won’t be a schedule, I won’t be trying to find writers or editors to create or look things over before publication (if I find someone soon enough, I don’t mind asking them to help, editing-wise), and there isn’t a specific topic upon which this site will center around.

Basically, I’m using this as my personal video game culture blog until such a time comes that more interest is given by content creators, editors, etc. What does that mean?

It means I’ll be doing a few things I did in the past, but stopped because I tried spreading myself a little too thin. Here’s a list, because those are fun:

Forced Topic: No, this isn’t what happens when you reveal your atheism to your religious parents. This is when there is something happening in the VG world that should likely be addressed, and I have an opinion on it. Pretty simple. This will probably be the majority of the articles I write for a while. These articles will follow suit with other’s written here a while back, such as Ben’s DMCember series, his Mega Man series… you get the idea.



The Cameraman: I started this a few years ago, posting my work on FF’s Tumblr. If you want a glimpse of the screenshots I’ve taken in the past, click here to see some Skyrim shots. Also, I posted a few of them here, here, and here.

Skyrim Cameraman

“Skyrim Cameraman: Legible Anger”


Forced Five: Noticing a trend yet? Anyway, I want to bring the reviews back. I say “back,” as if we did a bunch and then stopped. We didn’t. Reviewing is a grossly aggravating process, but the end product is pretty nifty. I don’t have a viable example anymore, but here’s a quick rundown: five pillars to the review, each with their own grading criteria. Each pillar will be held to a grading scale, up to 10 (I know, I know aggregate scores are fucking terrible… work with me here), and then factored in to an AVERAGED OVERALL SCORE. That means the final score is not entirely based on the reviewers’ bias. To an extent, I suppose you could argue the whole thing is (number based grading scales are, to be honest), but my attempt is to provide a final grade, the one we’ll push out, that isn’t directly impacted by bias. If it says 5/10, that means it’s a middle of the road game. It isn’t horrible, but it isn’t that good either.  Get it? Good.

Like I said before, none of this will be on a schedule. I am a stay at home dad, looking to do part-time work somewhere to help pay the bills. I’m also stubborn, and really don’t want Forced Fable to go away just yet. Of course, I’ll also be trying to get back into YouTube. I don’t want to spread too thin, as before, but I have wanted to do it again. The same goes for Twitch. I loved live streaming, and really enjoyed spending time with the viewers. We’ll see how it goes.


If you stick around, I’m sure I’ll make some content you’ll enjoy.