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Below is a list of the current members in the Forced Family.

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Anthony Mullinix (Co-Founder) – atoldiago

1619403_10153901097450173_520476092_nAge: 28
Currently a: Student/House Husband
Favorite Genre: RPG and stealth based shooters
Favorite Game: The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening
Hobbies: Reading, writing, video games, camping, bonfires, Darkon (Nurgle!)
Issues: Anthony assumes other people understand what he’s trying to say before he finishes a sentence, many times leaving him annoyed because they aren’t on the same wavelength (when it’s entirely his fault that they aren’t). Also, he attempts to come off as educated, but it usually just comes off as a string of smart-ass one-liners.

Ty Wade (Co-Founder) – akemmanah

Tyler FF.com Pic Age: 27
Currently a: Husband, father, Marine.
Favorite Genre: RPG, FPS and some RTS
Favorite Game: Blaster Master (NES) by Sun Soft
Hobbies: Writing, playing video games, sports, using profound quotes to appear smarter than I am.
Issues: We all have problems. They come in many forms. Most Tyler can tolerate. If you pass gas in the same room as him, though, then you’re going to have issues.

Jordan Bohr (Design/Video Production) – doominglight

Jordan Age: 21
Currently a: College Student
Favorite Genre: [Action] RPG, open world/sandbox
Favorite Game: Borderlands (1+2)
Hobbies: Image and video editing, playing video games, listening to music.
Issues: He didn’t really get into video games until  around the age of 10, which means he never got to play a lot of the old school classics. Also, he has a problem with unwanted tongue contact. So there’s that.

Lukas Gaedtke (Facebook Administration / Commentating) – gaedikus

LukeAge: 25
Currently a: IA Security Officer
Favorite Genre: Action/Adventure
Favorite Game: The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening
Hobbies: Shooting, Computers/Security, Working on Cars, Reddit, Playing Vidya, Alternate Energy/Zero Energy.
Issues: Loch Ness monsters always askin’ for tree fitty.


Christopher Oder (Live Streaming) – GameOder

FF BioAge: 28
Currently a: IT Project Manager
Favorite Genre: RPG and anything non-horror
Favorite Game: The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
Hobbies: Video games, sports, travel
Issues: Mainly that he plays horror games… Also, he didn’t get to choose his name at Ellis Island and become “Chris, Destroyer of Worlds”


Tyler Goulding (Article Writing) – thereporter

FF BioAge: 22
Currently a: Gas management technician
Favorite Genre: RPG, RTS, and FPS
Favorite Game: Mass Effect trilogy
Hobbies: Search and recovery dog handler, drawing, writing, kayaking
Issues: He has an addiction to Minecraft. And if anyone touches his nose he’ll probably attempt homicide… Seriously.


Donald Barton (Article Writing / Facebook Posting) – GoodGuy

Age: 33
Currently an: Analyst
Favorite Genre: Action / Adventure
Favorite Game: Bioshock
Hobbies: Video games, comics, and attending social gatherings with unlimited amounts of girly alcoholic drinks.
Issues: Donald is too nice. He has rose colored contact lenses attached to his corneas, and is literally a walking, talking happy meal with legs.